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Literacy Program

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Autism Canada proudly offers its Literacy Program, designed to promote inclusivity for individuals on the autism spectrum and those with sensory sensitivities. Our program spans Sensory Friendly Event Audits, Accessibility and Safe Spaces consultations in alignment with the Barrier Free Canada Act, Social Awareness Programs, Recognizing Behaviours training for emergency responders, strategies for inclusivity in educational and workplace settings, and more. We're committed to building environments where everyone feels valued and included.


To learn more about how we can support your efforts towards a more inclusive community, reach out to us at

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Accessibility and Safe Spaces Consultations

We can assist you in creating an accessibility plan that will make your establishment barrier-free in accordance with the Accessible Canada Act. 

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For Allies and Charitable Organizations

Autism Canada takes pride in providing opportunities for our allies, contributing to the establishment of a supportive ecosystem at a charitable rate.

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Healthy Communities

This is a free training designed for libraries and community centres that serves as a concise introduction to autism, providing insights into the experience of  being autistic.

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Inclusivity in the Classroom

Embracing neurodiversity in classrooms creates a more inclusive environment where all students feel valued and unique needs can be accommodated.

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Sensory Friendly


A sensory-friendly event is an event designed with accommodations to reduce sensory stimulation for people with sensory needs.

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Childcare and Day Programs

Building an inclusive daycare is an excellent way to make sure that every child feels welcome and supported, irrespective of their abilities.

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For Caregivers and Peers of Youth

This program provides caregivers and peers with strategies to facilitate positive interactions with individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Autism Acceptance sessions enhance business inclusivity by educating on the unique skills of individuals on the autism spectrum.

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For Camps, Park, and Recreation

Training employees in social awareness plays enhances safety and understanding for individuals on the autism spectrum.


Social Awareness for Cultural Spaces

This educational approach for social awareness in cultural spaces aids in the elimination of obstacles and improves visitor enjoyment.

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Social Awareness for Financial Institutions

This program makes financial institutions an environment that is accommodating for individuals with sensory processing sensitivities.

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Search and Rescue for Autism (SARA)

SARA equips first esponders in Search & Rescue while providing the Autism community with essential resources and materials. 


Sensory Awareness for Residential Properties

With 1 in 50 Canadians on the Autism Spectrum, understanding autism in residential and construction sectors is key to handling different interactions.

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Social Awareness for the Service Industry

This literacy program will help cultivate a more empathetic and informed workforce, capable of providing a supportive and accessible environment.

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Universal Language & Communication

Universal language and communication strategies are important when dealing with autistics because they help create an inclusive environment.

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Inclusivity in the Workplace

An inclusive workplace provides equal access to opportunities and resources, regardless of gender, race, disability, or other characteristics.

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This training provides emergency responders with information on how individuals on the spectrum may interact in complex situations

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Sensory Friendly & Safe Spaces: Easter Bunny

Would you like to offer sensory-friendly Easter Bunny visits in your stores? Our team can help make it a safe and inclusive experience for every child.

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Sensory Friendly & Safe Spaces: Santa & Helpers

Would you like to offer sensory-friendly Santa visits in your stores? Our team can help make it a safe and inclusive experience for every child.

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