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Meet the Team

At Autism Canada, our team, spread across the nation, is uniquely led by individuals on the Autism Spectrum, including Interim Executive Director Jamie McCleary and Board Chair Paul Finch. This leadership reflects our commitment to inclusivity and understanding of the autistic community. Half of our staff are neurodivergent, each with a personal connection to autism, ensuring our advocacy and support efforts are rooted in real experiences. Further, with half of our board members also on the spectrum, we ensure that the perspectives of the autistic community deeply inform our policies and initiatives. Our structure and approach at Autism Canada embody our dedication to serving the diverse needs of those on the spectrum, their caregivers, and families, as we strive to create a more inclusive and supportive Canada.


Our Board

Autism Canada is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and an ASD Advisory Ambassador. The Board also has four committees for Marketing and Communications, Finance and Audit, Nomination and Governance, and Fund Development. 

Autism Canada’s board drives the strategic direction of the organization and establishes its policies, vision, mission and values. If you are interested in joining this strong team of leaders, please contact the board chair by email at

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