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The END Initiative: A Knowledge Gathering Survey

We are a group of University of Toronto Master’s students in the Translational Research Program beginning our final year capstone project. Our project, The END Initiative: Empowering the NeuroDiverse, is currently looking to gather insight and first-hand accounts of the experiences of autistic adults with accessing, receiving, and navigating mental health supports to identify and address a need of the community in this area.

Researchers: Alena Moya, Abitha Suthakaran, Mouzhan Varshoueitabrizi, & Kaitlin Boddison

Who can participate: Autistic young adults and adults (18+ years of age) with or without experience accessing, receiving, and/or navigating mental health supports, parents/guardians/siblings/friends/etc. of autistic young adults and adults (18+ years of age).

What’s involved: Less than 10 minute google form survey. There is a final question where individuals can leave their contact information if they wish for us to contact them to learn more about the project, opportunities for involvement, share their story in more detail, etc.


Interested in participating:  If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email



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