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Pathways to an Autism Diagnosis

We know that it is very difficult for both parents and autistic individuals to seek out a diagnosis in Canada. For this reason, we are conducting a study to try to better understand common obstacles that people face and to understand the pathway that is followed while trying to obtain an autism diagnosis in Canada.

Researchers: Dr. Nichole Scheerer, Dr. Janet McLaughlin, Dr. Margaret Schneider, Dr. Grace Iarrocci, Amelia Kovacs

Who can participate:

People 18+ years of age who have been diagnosed with autism as an adult or have a child/children that have been diagnosed with autism in Canada.

What’s involved: 

Participants will fill out a secure online survey that is about 15-45 minutes in length depending on length of responses. Participants will be asked to provide information about when they first suspected they or their child might be autistic, the steps they took to try and obtain a diagnosis, resources that were helpful or unhelpful, and information about their or their child’s autistic traits.

Compensation:Participants will be entered into a draw for a $50 gift card.

Interested in participating:  If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email



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