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Individual Interview With Caregivers/Researchers of Neurodivergent Children

VanTech Med is a health tech start-up company tackling the issue of social isolation and loneliness in neurodivergent populations. We have developed Sunny-1, an emotionally intelligent robotic companion capable of holding empathetic 1-1 conversations with neurodivergent youth to make them feel more heard, understood, and validated. The device is paired with an app for family members that provides insights into your loved one's emotions/behaviour trends and is capable of detecting signs of worsening cognitive decline.

Researchers: Principal Investigator is our CEO, Vanessa Lo.

Who can participate: Caregivers/parents/researchers of neurodivergent children (ADHD, autism, etc.)

What’s involved: 

Stakeholders will be asked a series of open-ended questions and provide ratings on interest, trust, skepticism and their concerns regarding our product.

Compensation: Each participant will receive $15 CAD for 30 minutes of their time

Interested in participating:  If you are interested in participating or have any questions, please email

Deadline: July 1, 2024


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